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ShanChu Kitchen LLC


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About Us


ShanChuKitchen Company is made up of professional postpartum caterers who understand the difficulties and stress of being a mother with a newborn baby.Our team of dedicated chefs have curated meals that fit the dietary needs of postnatal mothers,with a focus on ingredients,nutrition,and balance.Our cuisine focuses on replacing traditional medicinal supplements with dietary supplements and incorporating exotic spices and flavors to enhance the meals.We are always working on making sure that our current recipes are the best that they can be as well as creating new menus and dishes to match the needs of all postnatal mothers.

Our Mission

Meal preparation during the postpartum confinement period is difficult for the mother,as they worry about taking in the required nutrients while adhering to dietary guidelines to insure the mother's health.Figuring out what foods should and should not be eaten can be difficult and a tedious task.Questions that are regularly asked are:What are best foods to eat during the postpartum confinement period?What are the best nutrients to help body recovery? What are the most healthy ways to eat?     We at ShanChuKitchen company understand that traditions and customs play a critical role in how mothers approach their postpartum confinement period.However,there are so many traditions and customs that differing opinions on how best to handle the postpartum confinement period can be exhausting.Our mission is to take traditions and customs and incorporate them into a singular menu that has a variety of meals to reach all mothers.         We understand that motherhood is difficult enough,having to adjust to caring for and raising a newborn.We want to take out the headache of having to worry about what foods one can and cannot eat.We provide the meals that have been carefully crafted to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of mothers.

about us





Our philosophy


Focused on the Real Needs of our Customers


Commitment to food safety

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Commitment to quality of ingredients and products


Continuous improvement and innovation

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Designed For Nourishment

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Just the right amount of food, not too little, not too much
Diversified, balanced and nutritious.
Sufficient hydration increase breast milk production.
Gentle and delicate cooking method

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Detoxification, Regulation, Replenishment and Nourishment
Detoxification refers to the elimination of bad elements from the body.
Regulation means to regulate the five organs and the spleen and stomach.
Replenishment means to replenish the vital Qi and blood, and to strengthen the kidneys and back.
Nourishment means to nourish the body.

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​Meal arrangement


Freshly prepared every day.


Constantly updated menu


Nutritional balance and


Safe preparation of dishes.

Service Area


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Service Hours


Daily Delivery 

Open 7 Days A Week 

Business Hour


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How to order online

how to order

01. Submit Order

Pick the package & add into cart

02.Pay the deposit & Shipping Fee

Pay the deposit and delivery fee for the package of your choice

03. Fill up your favor and allergy information

By filling up our survey contract

06. Pay the balance

Please complete the payment of the balance within three days after the first delivery service

05. Date Selection

When you confirm the first delivery date, please notify us by calling within 48 hours in advance

04. Wait for confirmation email

Once the order is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours

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