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      Confinement meals are one of the most thoughtful questions for many mothers. I don't know how to cook, I don't know how to mix nutrition, and I don't have time to prepare.

      What foods can confinement children eat? must eat? What kind of ingredients make the body recover better and faster? How to eat healthy and scientific? Folk customs, elders' sayings, and articles about confinement diets on the Internet are overwhelming, and there are different opinions, which often trouble mothers.

      Shanchu Yuezi Catering Co., Ltd. is a professional team established to solve your problems. Many mothers are tired of the unchanging confinement dishes. The traditional confinement meals are the same, which makes you "bitter". Don't worry, our team is about to break down these questions for you and reverse your stereotypes about confinement meals.

      Our group has chefs with many years of experience, who understand the dietary needs of postpartum mothers, understand the characteristics of ingredients, Nutritional value, balanced mix. And constantly develop new dishes and new meals, integrate a variety of exotic dishes, and replace the medicinal tonic with food tonic, tonic instead of suffering, so that you can enjoy different confinement dishes throughout the confinement period. We will prepare the hard part with heart, so that you can easily pass your childbirth period and enjoy the joy of motherhood.

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