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Order and Shipping

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Ordering and Shipping


Not sure if our package is right for your health and taste?

only need to$88

You can book a package for our tasting meal.

Each of our packages includes:

One delivery a day, with 5 natural soups, four meals a day, 16 meals

​High quality ingredients, freshly cooked

Fresh and light, moderate and refined


Two servings of breakfast

order a porridge

A piece of bread


One pasta

1 serving of soup


Five servings for lunch

One grain staple food

one main course

side dish

A stew or herbal soup

A nourishing dessert

​One serving of confinement tea


Add two servings of high-fiber supplements

Fresh Vegetable Juice and Pork Soup + Dim Sum

Colorful Fish Mud Hibiscus Soup + Dim Sum

Red Date Nut Rice Cereal + Dim Sum

Spinach, Pig Liver and Wolfberry Soup + Dim Sum

Fresh Vegetable Borscht + Dim Sum


Dinner with five servings

One grain staple food

one main course

side dish

A stew or herbal soup

A nourishing dessert

​One serving of confinement tea

Please select the package you want

option 01

Confinement Package

option 02

Confinement Package

payment method

  • Credit Card: Credit Card (Visa/Master/Discover/American express)&Debit Card

  • Online transfer: Zelle/Paypal/Venmo

  • cash


After paying the reservation fee online, we will arrange for the driver to bring the credit card machine with you for the remaining balance payment when delivering the meal, so that you can pay easily without leaving home.

Delivery Method

Our meals are freshly prepared every day without any preservatives added. Some meals are prepared relatively early, including some perishable dairy products and soy products. In addition to the delivery distance and climate issues in different regions, the cooking process After completion, the meal service department will refrigerate and preserve some meals at low temperature according to actual needs. According to the relevant regulations of food safety management, it is recommended that the food should not be placed at room temperature for more than 2 hours after preparation, so you will receive a meal that has been refrigerated for a short time. Please understand. Confinement meal is the nutritional source of mother’s milk. Like breast milk, it needs the same refrigeration and “care”. After receiving the meal, if no meal is arranged, please store the meal in the refrigerator.

refrigerated delivery service

We are optimizing and upgrading the refrigerated distribution service, which will be opened in the future.


Refund Policy

Regarding the application to cancel the order service, once the order is paid, the customer can cancel the order within 14 days after signing the contract. The meal delivery service has already started. If you want to terminate the contract, you must contact the customer service department of the company three days in advance to negotiate. In addition to deducting the actual order days and shipping costs, the customer needs to pay a $100 contract termination fee.


way of tasting

Our food tasting service day is scheduled on every Saturday. When you browse our website, it is the first step for you to get to know "Cook", then the next food tasting service will make you know us more quickly. services and products. Is there any difference between a trial meal and a set meal? The ordering process, the number and portion of meals delivered, and the disposable tableware used are the same. The difference is that the trial meal service is a meal arranged for pregnant mothers, and Chinese herbal medicines and ingredients containing alcohol will not be added to the trial meal.


Delivery area and shipping cost

Reminder: If you have any questions about shipping costs,

Or the city you live in is not in the list below, please contact the customer service department for inquiries before ordering


SAN FRANCISCO / Downtown San Francisco