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分娩方式/GIVING BIRTH:(只適合產後填寫)

I have understood the process, price and related matters of ordering confinement meals, and agree to the details of the following contract。

  1. 當您已經決定送餐日期的前兩天,請以電話形式通知我方,我們請與你核對您的個人信息是否一致,核實無誤,最後安排送餐日期。除特殊情況,一經協商,你的訂餐將即時傳送到出餐部,不作其它調整,所以請務在送餐前與您的家人及醫院做好溝通。
    When you have decided two days before the delivery date, please notify us by phone, and we will check with you whether your personal information is consistent and correct, and finally arrange the delivery date. Except for special circumstances, once negotiated, your order will be sent to the catering department immediately, and no other adjustments will be made, so please communicate with your family and the hospital before delivery.


  2. 送餐服務每週7天,每天配送一次。
    The food delivery service is delivered once a day, 7 days a week.


  3. 關於送餐到達時間,大概送達時間在會早上6AM—10AM之間,由於我方送餐區域比較廣,同時會遇高峰上班時段,天氣等不可預估的各種因素,所以我方無法接受在指定的時間到達,不便之處,敬請原諒。
    Regarding the arrival time of food delivery, the approximate delivery time is between 6AM and 10AM in the morning. Since our delivery area is relatively wide, and there will be various unpredictable factors such as peak work hours and weather, our arrival at the specified time cannot be guaranteed, sorry for the inconvenience.


  4. 為了確保疫情期間的防疫安全,我們的在職員工每週將進行新冠測試,而且在送餐過程配戴口罩,送餐人員到達時會以發短訊或電話聯繫方式通知您配餐到達。本公司配餐中心於每天凌晨開始運作,餐點均為每天新鮮烹調,為維持出品的保質保鮮,較早的或是需要及時保鮮的餐點,將會進行短時間的冷藏保鮮。請您收到餐點後及時領取,冷藏存放,保鮮保質。
    In order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention during the epidemic, our employees will be tested for the new crown every week, and they will wear masks during the delivery process. When the delivery staff arrives, they will notify you of the arrival of the meal by text message or telephone contact. The company's catering center starts operation in the early morning every day, and the meals are cooked fresh every day. In order to maintain the quality and freshness of the products, the earlier meals or the meals that need to be kept fresh will be refrigerated for a short period of time. Please pick up the meal in time after you receive it, and store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and quality.


  5. 關於餐點的包裝餐具和保存方式:本公司所選擇的是一次性的包裝餐,可直接微波爐直接加溫加熱。我們的配餐分別為早餐,午餐,晚餐,在包裝上有明顯的標識。另外,我們的配送箱(袋)將在第二天送餐的時間回收前天的,請保持整潔。使用後的一次性餐具我們不作回收,請閣下自行處理。
    About the packaged tableware and storage method of the meal: The company chooses a one-time packaged meal, which can be directly heated in a microwave oven. Our meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner, which are clearly marked on the packaging. In addition, our delivery boxes (bags) will be collected the day before at the time of delivery the next day, so please keep them tidy. We do not recycle the disposable tableware after use, please dispose of it by yourself.


  6. 本公司所提供的每日菜餐,根據市場上或季節性食材而有所更新替換,恕不作另作通知。另外,本公司不接受客戶的選擇性食材要求,請務必在簽署合約前,認真填寫“產後調查問卷”。
    The daily meals provided by the company are updated and replaced according to the market or seasonal ingredients without prior notice. In addition, the company does not accept the customer's optional ingredients requirements, please be sure to fill out the "Postpartum Questionnaire - Daily Diet Matters" carefully before signing the contract.


  7. 客戶必須在支付訂金並開始送餐後3天內支付尾款,如未按時支付尾款,本公司有權終止訂餐合同,扣除訂餐實際天數費用和運費外,另外收取訂金中20%作為違約金處理。
    Customers must pay the final payment within 3 days after paying the deposit and starting the delivery. If the final payment is not paid on time, ShanChu Kitchen has the right to terminate the meal order contract. In addition to deducting the actual number of days for the order and the freight, an additional 20% of the deposit will be charged as liquidated damages.


  8. 關於取消訂餐服務的申請,如果訂單一旦支付生效,客戶可以在訂金下單起的14天內取消訂購,本公司將全額退還訂金,下單超過14天的並未開始送餐的收取$100的手續費。送餐服務已經開始,如需中止合約的,必須提前三天與本公司客戶聯繫協商,除扣除實際訂餐天數費用和運費外,客戶需要支付$100合約終止手續費。
    Regarding the application for canceling the ordering service, if the order is paid for, the customer can cancel the order within 14 days of placing the order, and the company will refund the deposit in full. If the order has been placed exceeds 14 days and the delivery has not started, a handling fee of $100 will be charged.  The food delivery service has already started. If you want to terminate the contract, you must contact the company's customer three days in advance to negotiate. In addition to deducting the actual order days and shipping costs, the customer needs to pay a $100 contract termination fee.


溫馨提示:本公司將根據閣下所勾對的選項,剔除該食材不會出現在您所訂購的月子餐中, 請務必認真閱讀並勾對如實填寫,如您在選擇過程中有任何疑問請與客服部聯繫諮詢。

1.產婦對於以下食物不能接受的或是過敏的,請在空格處選擇(Client is allergic to (or do not eat) the following food items(please check):





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